Cyber security concept vector illustration.

Security Management

Robust security enables the safe operation of applications implemented on your IT systems. It also protects the data you collect and uses. We specialise in the following security management solutions for your business:


Network protection and the backbone of securing your business. 

Our firewalls have bespoke configurations to suit your business needs. From blocking attacks to keep your network secure to controlling the traffic on your network to make your employees more productive (blocking of Facebook, YouTube, and other productivity draining sites). 

Wired IT has specialised skills in PaloAlto, Ubiquiti, and Fortinet. 


As a leading partner in South Africa, we trust ESET as a preferred supplier for antivirus with our existing clients. 

Gone are the days of having an AV that will slow your machine down. ESET is known as a proactive AV management tool, with custom packages and solutions for your business. If you’re moving from another supplier, we will happily discount your onboarding package**.

*All prices exclude VAT and are subject to terms and conditions.

**Subject to availability and quantity.

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