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Server Management

For the corporate elite or the business savvy start-up, having a rock-solid server infrastructure may be a fundamental need for the success of your business.

Solutions include (to name a few):

  1. patching, cabling, 
  2. routing, stacking, 
  3. virtualisation, 
  4. backup, 
  5. security, 
  6.  and SLA management.

Assisting you with onsite and remote servers as per your business needs

Future proofing your IT Server infrastructure and managing the process

Proactive server monitoring at patching to ensure you remain compliant on a weekly basis

Only pay for what you need management approach

Dedicated server specialists resources when required

Looking after your existing server infrastructure


Backup plans both on-prem and remote

Security assessments

and SLA management.

Our packages are scalable and managed under an SLA to ensure you get great service and predictable maintenance on your environment.

Through providing best is class (BIC) IT services to smaller businesses, this enables them to be more competitive while ensuring they remain focused on their core business functions, provided by 21st century technology solutions.

Our Vision is to provide excellence as the core function and focus in everything we do, being fixated in making IT as simple, efficient and cost effective as possible.

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